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So jumping into the YouTube tips now that are going to help you rank better see otherwise and get you more visibility. We're just going to jump right in and I'm going to bang them out. That way you can take them to digest them and then implement them into your videos going forward we're just going to jump right in and give you the stuff.

So first and foremost is front-load your keywords are front-load your keywords everyone uses keywords in their videos you know and their titles in their description potentially maybe you're stuffing you know keywords in your description here and there. You know maybe you're even commenting. Still, I think that was one misconception that people believed if you put you know keywords in comments and pin them. used to believe that if you put you know a bunch of much like Instagram if you put a bunch of keywords in your comments or you know stuff there your description then it's going to help you know really increase your NCO and your visibility Cross-platform that is so maybe you know the 2018 2019 way of thinking and even 2020 way of thinking.

Everybody knows that you need to stuff you know keywords potentially in your description and put keywords in your title. But did you know that YouTube's algorithm actually puts more weight on keywords that are front-loaded you know the meaning at the beginning of your title and at the beginning of your description it's going to index your you know your video based on what keywords come first? So kind of give you an example about this and how we can get into understanding this a little bit better right here. For example, you'll notice that all of this goes across the board like I said with descriptions.

Why Title is important for a youtube video?

Now the reason I want to do that was because I'm going to front-load this in my title was because I wanted a rank for this keyword especially I also obviously wanted to rank for you know mass e-mail and mass using a CPA offer target e-mail list. So this is a good example of me you know not just throwing keywords in there but trying to rank for them. Well and I actually do write for them. So that's a good thing. And like I said this is only my channel is not huge by any means but you know 839 views in roughly you know 15 days is pretty solid for the size of my channel as I'm growing right here right now roughly about 3000 skivers but I've grown about 2000 subscribers in the past month. It took me a while to get to that first thousand but once I started implementing these things and teaching you really started to see sustained growth. So I want you to put these and implement these things into your YouTube game and your YouTube videos. So right here obviously like we just talked about. Front-load your keywords in your titles.YouTube's algorithm puts more weight on those front-loaded keywords rather than the back ones these still matter but they put more weight on the Frohman's now moving forward front-load your keywords in your description. You'll also see here that clearly I put you know affiliate links and links to my courses and so on and so forth. But you know I also want to front-load my keywords in my titles or my description of my youtube video.

So I also suggest a little caveat here and a bonus tip. You know put your you know a description of what your channel basically entails at the bottom you'll see here that this is in every one of my videos. The reason for that is that we'll just kind of help you rank YouTube doesn't put as much weight keywords toward the back end of your description but it will help you rank slightly for some of this stuff. So this is literally you know my channels description and I just post it here and every description just to kind of get a slight bump in rank for some of those keywords you see here that you know if you just read this really fast deposit. Read it. There's a bunch of keywords thrown in here and it helps my channel rank and my videos rank for some of those a little bit better something to you know just a little caveat bonus that just kind of wanted to add in there for you. But if you read my description it's not very long and I suggest that maybe you put you know before any of your links you want you to put like you know maybe a paragraph or two. Well you know well-written that's going to explain what your videos about but also has keyword stuff in there so no more. You don't want to make a long story or essay. But you know one to two paragraphs Max with some good actual keywords in their front-loaded is is the idea. So CPA commission results on rent for initially front-loaded and this is my CPA commission results from mass emailing offer to a targeted email is a boom to the point easy. They know what it is and it's also has a lot of the same keywords front-loaded in my description that

How to use the Youtube video Title Generator?


  1. Go to Http://

  2. Find the Youtube Video titles Generator on the home screen and click on it.

  3. Enter your Focus Keyword in the search box for the specific tool and hit the submit button.

  4. You will get lots of titles related to your keyword.

  5. Simply copy it and use it for your youtube video.


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