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Tags generator for youtube is very important for getting a top ranking on youtube so basically, it is important because remember you that the video is about what?

Tags generator for youtube. You know in the past years ever since the Great and updated. Excuse me. That being said they do still matter and it's important to tag properly so that you can get the most bang for your buck that you can do. Now first and foremost it's important to remember that tags are to you know help index your videos properly and better understand what the content in the video is actually about tagging properly while still not one not as important. Tags generator for youtube. Excuse me is still crucial in this day and age because if you can't you know to tell and communicate to YouTube's algorithm what your video is about. It's not going to rank it for anything and that's important.

So the way Tags generator for youtube that you get the most bang for your buck is by tagging properly and most people on YouTube don't tag properly. So there it begs the question how do you go about tagging properly. So I'm going to go through a couple of examples here with you in the second one of my videos and one of some random other person's videos. But it's important to understand that less can potentially be more so just because you can fit you know potentially a hundred tags in there maybe doesn't necessarily mean that you should.

Tags generator for youtube. You don't want to confuse the algorithm and sometimes another thing to keep in mind is if you're just starting or you don't have a big channel or you channel was growing the way that you would like to see it and maybe you know you don't have as many subs or as many uses on your video you want to sometimes shoot for longer tail keywords if you're newer rather than just broad ones like this example right here. So when I go through an example of a bad example of a good one that you know you can potentially emulate yourself and you know we'll go through this so you can you know understand different things to avoid.

Increasing Click-Through Rates

Tags generator for youtube. And if you're interested in this like I said before I did promise you that when you drop it you know and kind of suggests that again but it's important to understand if you're interested in this isto Buddy two buddies a great way that you can you know to figure out what other people are asking for so you can target it because potentially a good example of this is you know Amazon is pretty broad but in this first and Shanno isn't that big my channel is actually bigger than them and so they're ranking for Amazon FBA sourcing and they're ranking for Amazon FBA I can pretty much assume that if I make a similar video with a similar title and similar you know content that I can rank for these taxes wellI'd probably jump ahead of them because my channel is a little bit bigger and I should get a better response so that's important understand this is to buddy.

Tags generator for youtube. Like I said to Buddy ACCI link to Buddy in this lecture as well if he wants it will be Attash up in the left-hand corner up here somewhere probably when you first start the article. You should probably look into it as well if you're trying to grow your channel. It's my secret weapon that YouTube growth honestly but to touch on why this is a bad use of tagging this is you know about private labeling and sourcing products from overseas from Chinese manufacturers. This video specifically and you'll see here that he has a bunch of different tags in here. You know they're broad. They don't have anything to do with what this video is about. Tags generator for youtube.  And like we touched on before. You have to remember that tags aren't necessarily to just rent your video overall different search results your your your goal with tags shouldn't be too. Oh, I want to rent for reselling arm and rank for liquidation I want to rent for I don't know Ted is just entrepreneur because those things have nothing to do with what this video is about. And that will confuse the algorithm and it's important not to confuse the algorithm because with these tags communicate on top of the fact that they're so broad that you probably can't rank for most of them because the channel isn't big enough and the bigger your channel the obviously the broader You can check for keywords and there's more traffic on the seawards.


Tags generator for youtube. But this person isn't ranking for any of these skewers and ultimately these keywords are confusing algorithm because what this tells YouTube is that this video is about a bunch of different topics and it has no idea where to rank it and therefore it is a lot of times can have a worse effect than you want it to have. So what this tells the algorithm is oh this video is about Snapchat spectacles has nothing to do with snap chat spectacles. Tags generator for youtube. it's about truckload palette palettes. These are bad examples of this that have nothing to do with online arbitrage. It does have to do with private label and wholesale but those are a little bit broad.

Suggested Video, Keyword Research, & Metadata

All right, guys, I hope you like the tips. And you know getting yourself more visible and search results. And you know cross the platform so far here in this course. Now I'm here to tell you that you know we all know this and this is something I touched on before in the course, especially in the beginning, is that you know YouTube as CEO is so much more than just getting ranked in the search results. That helps for sure. And that's very important but crucial here in 2018 and moving forward is suggested. Video suggested video is a very big part of getting yourself known on the platform. And more importantly, keeping yourself known and keeping your channel alive here on the platform. So you want to focus on not just building YouTube through search results but also focus on suggested video. Now a way that you can focus on suggesting the video is fine. You know smaller channels that have successful videos and emulate those videos you know make similar content as long as it's you know around your knees. Make a similar title that's not the same make a similar description that's not the same obviously put your own spin on it. And similar tags that aren't the same. There are two ways to see the tags.100 percent for free you can obviously just look at the page source code and sort through and find their tags or you can simply use to Buddy Now plug to Buddy. Again it's at the end of the course in that lecture. No more talking about it. I promise you but I'm telling you it's very very effective. I have it turned off right here because I touched on it before on this video. This is probably one of my most popular videos. Has a lot of engagement. And like I said my channel is still growing here at 3000 subscribers so it's just for some reason still loading maybe a load fast maybe it won't or maybe just refresh running a lot of software in the background so it's been a little bit slow but we're going to minimize that too buddy because I wanted to focus on suggestive video and I wanted to show you that so I'm going to do and I said this is that suggestive video on the desktop is are these videos that come up on the side. The higher you get your video to suggest you know appearance suggested search results on popular videos or videos you know just across the platform both your own as well as other ones is by you know potentially getting YouTube to suggest you in those slots. There's a bunch of different ways to do that. Like I said you can emulate successful video tags. So literally use a lot of the same tags that they're using and that will be a big indicator to YouTube that it's a similar video.

So that's a good method to use because YouTube won't see similar attacks across the board on different videos is going to index them slightly similar and you'll have a big chance to appear and suggest a video on that video. Another way to do that is something I'll talk about in a future video that I'm going to drop at the

How to use the Youtube tags Generator?


  1. Go to Http://

  2. Find the tags Generator on the home page and click on it.

  3. Copy the title of your youtube video and paste it in the search box of the tool and hit the submit button.

  4. Copy all tags from the selection box by clicking the copy button.

  5. Use tags in your video for Ranking.

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