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OK so on touch on tagging properly and why it's crucial in this tutorial now moving forward tags aren't really as important as they used to be. similar video with a similar title and similar you know content that I can rank for these taxes well I'd probably jump ahead of them because my channel is a little bit bigger and I should get a better response so that's important understand this is to buddy. Like I said to Buddy ACCI link to Buddy in this tutorial as well if he wants it will be Attash up in the left-hand corner up here somewhere probably when you first start the tutorial. It will also be attached in that document at the end which is the bonus letter that looks kind of like.

So if you're going to put tags like this just completely avoid them it's literally better to put three or four tags that aren't that don't even figure your tag you know limit up or your word limit up or you're catching up in attacks then put a bunch of these that are just going to confuse the algorithm. So one thing I like to use obviously to will help you with your character one of which is 500 characters. When you're putting your YouTube video together and that's something I also talk about my other easy tutorial as well. But on top of that, it's important to understand that you want to fill it up with the 500 characters like I do here but they all have to be related. So that's important to keep in mind. So just to recap less could be potentially more. Don't confuse the algorithm with broad keywords that aren't related to your topic or your video whatsoever. You want to go for long-tail keywords if you're newer and you don't have a lot of subscribers or views or engagement on your channel yet because you could read for them and you can't necessarily

How to use the Youtube video Tags Finder?


  1. Go to Http://

  2. Find the Youtube Video Tags finder and click on it.

  3. Enter your Video URL in the search box and hit the submit button.

  4. You will get tags of the focus video.

  5. Simply copy Your best tags and use them for your youtube videos.


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